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Stable: 3.4.2
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Fix some compiler warnings
- dequis
Include debug symbols in non-debug builds, disable stripping by default
- dequis
purple: Use roomlist_room_serialize, fixes joining jabber chats
- dequis


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Current stable/release version: BitlBee 3.4.2, released 2016-03-19

Some people maintain BitlBee packages for other systems. They're not maintained by us, so they might be out of date. Here are links to the ones we know:

  • Many Linux distributions (including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE) have BitlBee packages already. Just use apt-get, yum, yast, pacman, emerge or whatever it is on your distro of choice.
  • If you're running Debian Stable, you're probably stuck with a pretty old version of BitlBee. You may find a backport on BackPorts.Org, but the nightly builds repo is likely better. Nightly builds are usually very stable, experimental stuff is kept in separate branches.
  • Ports should be available for OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD now. They're all in the official ports trees, so I don't host them here.

For the brave and curious

We have a bzr repository which holds the current development tree (plus some other branches). There are nightly binary builds for various Debian/Ubuntu versions too.