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Add support for group reply using auto_populate_reply_metadata (#146)
- Iguana
Compare tweets by status ID as fallback for identical dates.
- Kathy Murdoch
events_glib: fix some g_main_loop deprecation warnings
- dequis

BitlBee T-Shirt

Yes, even BitlBee has its own T-Shirt. For a Dutch computer event (HCC Dagen), we just wanted to draw some attention with special T-Shirts. We made 15 of them, and surprisingly, we sold them all! We asked Tijmen Ruizendaal (an infamous #BitlBee/OFTC visitor ;-) to create a nice design for the shirt. Why? Just because he's so good at drawing weird bees. We like weird bees. :-)

We sold about 40-45 shirts now, and if more people want one, we'll have to make new ones first. That's probably going to take a while, but if you're interested please post in our bug tracker So we'll know and remember.

Anyway, as promised, some images here:

This is the image we put on the back of the shirt.

This is what we put on the front of the shirt.

This is a picture of someone (Sandworm@OFTC) wearing the shirt. Yes, people actually want to!

And of course there's also the backside.