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doc: fix "defaults to first" in yes/no commands, mention query_order
- dequis
docs: fix simple typo, exsist -> exist
- Tim Gates
root_commands: prevent linker error when plugins are disabled
- Petr Vaněk

BitlBee OAuth

Although AFAIK the OAuth spec recommends supporting a mode for desktop apps where the provider just shows the user a code s/he should return to the program they're trying to authorize, not everyone seems to support this. In those cases, BitlBee uses this page to receive the code and show it to the user.

You may not like this for security reasons, but please complain to the service provider about that, not to the BitlBee authors. The code below expires in a short period of time or as soon as it's used once, which also limits the risk here.

Your OAuth code is:

Now, go back to your BitlBee session and paste it in response to the OAuth URL you received in a query window.